Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And Boo to You Too!

It all started with a sweatshirt...
Remember the hood less hoody?  Well, I was going somewhere with this, somewhere spooky!
Gigi wanted to be a "Pooky Ghost!" this year, and remembering my successful sweatshirt bat costumes of yesteryear (bat costume tutorial found HERE) I thought I'd go a similar route this year!
The set up for this costume was very similar to the bat wing, I folded a white piece of material in half and lined it up with the sleeve of the sweatshirt from elbow to wrist...
Since sweatshirts are meant to be worn loose, it wasn't a problem to pinch off about 1/4" of the underside of the sleeve to pin my white fabric to.
Then I simply cut the white fabric into strips stopping about 1/2" from the sleeve.  You can call it good at this point, or you can take it a step further and cut strips of your tulle to add a little more pizazz!  (Once you have the sleeves the way you like them, just sew along the top edge making sure to capture the sweatshirt and tulle with the sweatshirt edge)
I then cut the pieces for a cheeky ghost face out of scraps of black felt, and sewed them onto the back of the hood (see, the hood was an essential element of this costume! ;-)
Simple, right?!  But wait, there's more!...
Since this particular ghost is a 2 year old who proclaims herself "pinsess" I couldn't resist adding a bit more flare in the form of this spooktacular (yea I went there) tutu!
I used the same method for making this tutu as I did in my original tutu tutorial found HERE.  The only change I made was to add strips of white fabric through out the tulle to tie it in with the ghostly arms of the sweatshirt.
OH!  And since we are all about the accessories lately, I also added a sweet little white satin bow to the hood!
I just tied a piece of satin ribbon into a bow, used a lighter to melt the edges and prevent fraying, and used a safety pin to attach it to the hood!
Is it cute?
Ummmm, YES!
Is it fun?
Are you serious?!
 Can we see the back?!
Nailed it!
But wait!...
Do YOU like it, Gigi?!
Now I want one!


  1. Super cute1 She is the best! Where did you find that white sweatshirt?

    1. Hey! Thanks! I got the sweatshirt at Walmart! $5!

  2. Love it! We all want one! (I don't think I need the tutu, though. Just sayin'!) Great ideas, babe!!!!